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The Application capture & delivery solution for application migration to new digital workspace environments


  • Capture
  • Find the installed parts of the application and capture to be moved
  • Update
  • Look at the differences of the today and where it is being delivered to
  • Remediate
  • Look at errors and offer fixes
  • Execute
  • Make the app to be delivered via your delivery method

 appCURE delivers application change at speed, and delivers the ability to convert to MSI, APP-V and MSIX*

 *MSIX enables enterprises to stay current and ensure their applications are always up to date. It allows IT Pros and developers to deliver a user centric solution while still reducing the cost of ownership of application by reducing the need to repackage.


Plan for your Migrations

Capture application installs from endpoints to assess the migration of the workload to a Windows Digital Workspace

Covert to MSI/MSIX

Convert the captured appliation to a Microsoft standard installer such as MSI or MSIX.

Test and Execute

Deliver the Standard ported Application or converted installer and test for user accepance testing, in preperation for relasing to production. 


Dynamic Delivery of MSIX Applications to Windows Virtual Desktop & VMware Workspace ONE. You no longer need to maintain multiple master images for different applications or package all applications into a single Image.

appCURE STUDIO simplifies the process…


  • Finalise MSIX for production with client certificates
  • Convert MSIX to Microsoft’s Layering technology known as MSIX App Attach
  • Convert MSIX App Attach to VMware App Volumes 4
  • Encrypt MSIX to EMSIX
  • Convert MSIX App Attach back to MSIX
  • Create MSI & APP-V packages
  • Convert MSIX to and from MSI & App-V


Convert MSIX to App Attach

Quickly inject applications into the MSIX App attach format , single or mulitple appliactions. 

Multiple Disk Types Supported

Create VHD/VHDX or VMDK disk formats ready for use in both Windows Virtual Desktop and VMware App Volumes.

Deliver Faster to enterprise

Deliver Applications faster to enterprise using MSIX App Attach and take advantage of our App attach layering mount tool to simplify deployment and delivery of Applications to your user base.