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SSH2 Services

Application strategy

A look at your application estate when embarking on a digital modernisation plan or moving to a new operating system, we ask simple questions:

What are you doing with your applications today?

What are your plans for the future?

Who are your applications being delivered to?

How do you secure your information?



We talk around your cloud plans, your current deployments and how to create the best, secure, agile infrastructure to suit your needs.

Application Modernisation


Full service and consultation around all aspects of your application landscape and look into new technologies for the future.

Digital Workspace

Work is a thing you do not a place you go to, we help consultants and IT companies deliver application strategy and clarity quicker.

Many companies are stuck in a multi year, multi facet projects due to not understanding the applications they use every day, they don’t know how they fit together and how to move them or retire the assets based on a quicker “Time to Fail” methodology.

We want to help you deliver your projects faster and deliver better ROI outcomes.

SSH2 can deliver an optimisation package for your digital workspace platform to deliver better end user experience.

Service Wrapper

If you want to be able to deliver part or a full service based on the products or solutions available we are able to help.

These can be based on:

Full service wrapper

Knowledge transfer

Educational wrapper

White label service

We can help to deliver customised services based on what you require and can be expanded when additional are required.